"We live in a society unnerved by its constant consumption of digital "content" remaining ignorant to the consequences of this diet. Obese with stimulation and craving satisfaction, when will we realise the soul isn't satisfied?"
SPIN Research Group and Martin Parr Foundation commissioned Olu to create new photographic work exploring the relationship between secrecy and ignorance. ⁣⁣
What does secrecy mean to you?⁣⁣
Who keeps secrets, how and why?⁣⁣
What is ignorance?⁣⁣
How might secrecy and ignorance be interconnected? ⁣⁣
Responding to these questions, Olu Osinoiki created the photographic work Social Suffocation. (This commission also birthed the short film "Digital Diet" seen above. See portraits below) 

"WARNING: To avoid the danger of ignorance, disconnection, depression or anxiety, keep social media away from every living soul. Social media is not a toy." - Olu Osinoiki⁣⁣
Olu received guidance from Rising, MPF and Martin Parr throughout the development of this project, as well as from academics based at SPIN. A selection of Social Suffocation postcards have been produced and are available in the #MartinParrFoundation gallery on Instagram.⁣⁣
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