My name is Olumide but you can call me..."Olu" 
I am a photographer, videographer, singer, songwriter and creative director based in Bristol, represented by Rising Arts Agency
If you're reading this, you probably want some good quality photography or videography. (If I'm right feel free to enlighten me via the contact page!)
That said, I'll chat a bit more about me, since you're still reading. 
For the past three years I have immersed myself in photography practically and theoretically. On a BA at UWE and lots of  learning on the job. I very quickly went from learning on the job to getting paid on lots of jobs. I've had some very valuable experiences with some very cool people including but not limited to: the BBC, Bristol Old Vic, Noisy Little Monkey, Burges Salmon, the Black Professional Network, Rising Arts Agency, Babbasa, UWE, Bristol Central Library, Plimsoll Productions, Darewin (Paris), the Royal West Academy (RWA) and a handful of people that really love each other on their most special days. 
It's been a lot of fun but more importantly for you I've learned to take a great picture of pretty much anything. Literally...anything. If it's photos  you need, we should talk. For free! because I know it can be daunting investing in these kinds of services but I'm here to help! Hopefully I'm the right fit for you but even if I'm not there are plently of talented indviduals I could point you towards.
Drop me an email via the contact page or connect with me on socials whatever's easiest! I'm here to help :)